Sunday, February 4, 2007

LightSaber MP3 Player

If you’re really a BIG fans of Star Wars, don’t ever miss this cool LightSaber MP3 Player. It has a green LCD screen displaying the currently playing track as well as other useful information The player also comes with a 25W stereo speakers, along with two USB ports and Bluetooth for streaming and transferring music files onto its 8GB of onboard memory (yes, that’s quite generous).

No detail about the stick-shape LightSaber MP3 player for now. It isn’t even clear wether the device is just a concept or not. Stay tune for more information.


Thursday, February 1, 2007

TurboLinux's Wizpy in the wild

It does not matter how legit a device could watch to begin with, is always animating to consider some pics of him in the one of the real world, just to facilitate our anxious souls. Well, it seems the civil employee of the power of Wizpy de TurboLinux assembles the rows to live, devices of breathing, now that to impress the clock has obtained a grasping of the small number of Linux. A Info not much more true on this individual, the price generally hardly of PMP/de the

Linux-booting, but that pricetag of 33,800 Yens for the version 4GB is an escarped small piece, you could be glad to hear that TurboLinux also has a version 2GB in the way, that must cost 29,800 and fall February 23ro at the same time.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Airis N0041 and N0042 MP3 Players

Airis, a French manufacturer of the electronics, finishes revealing two new portable players MP3, the N0041 (1GB) and N0042 (2GB). Along with the “pleasant name”, this supply of DAPs an exhibition of the LCD of 1,5 inches, a tuner of radio integrated of FM with direct capacity of the recording of FM, and up to ten hours of use continous in a single load. Weight in hardly 1,4 ounces and with 0,53 inches of thickness, supports audio apparatus of reading of MP3/WMA, the apparatus of reading SMV video, and spectator of the JPEG/BMP picture.

Airis demanded that both players will have a pair of the additional characteristics that Apple “forgot” to include in his iPod Nano. The prices in the portable player N0041 and N0042 MP3 of Airis begin $90, with a system of the loudspeaker of the three-watt selling for $52 more.


Infant Gym - Children DAP From Playskool and Creative

One says that certain music can help the growth of the brain of your children. Classic music, as Bethoven or Mozart, for example. Therefore, ayudarte to educate to your baby in the elegant men, creative Playskool and have worked together and present the toys for the babies who equip themselves of a digital audio player. Called Infant Gym, the toys can songs of the apparatus of reading MP3 to calm the baby. Some consonancias of the baby are loaded already, but you can also store your own collections MP3 inside. On the other hand, there is an integrated microphone that allows that you register your voice and game last he stops to make the happy baby.

Along with infantile Gym, both companies also presented/displayed day to ideal Soother, a toy that can project the light in the ceiling whereas separated music of DAP plays. This Soother can be bought for $35, whereas the infantile Gym is sold to by minor for $40. Nevertheless, you will have to wait for until fall before they strike the market.

Samsung K3 MP3 Player

Now we verify towards it go to the player of K3 MP3 found in cabin of Samsung Electronics' in CES 2007. In hardly 0,27 inches of thickness, this digital audio player with style offers 1,8 an exhibition of the inch YOU SMELL, up to 25 hours of apparatus of reading of music, and, next to the incorporated loudspeaker, a unique detachable external loudspeaker. The users can simply leave this external loudspeaker in the country if as soon as they wish to listen to themself of music during route. Three variants of capacitity (2GB, 4GB, and 8GB) will be available when it struck the warehouse in march.


Walletex Offers Credit Card-Sized MP3 Player

If you are looking for compact digital audio player that is quite small being taken around in your folder, to outside verify towards the new product of Walletex - player of folder MP3. This device is a card-classified DAP full-functional credit! Not probably smallest in the market, but he is surely the thinnest player of the world. It comes with the incorporated connector of the USB 2,0 that can be used to transfer music, loading the battery, and as well as the audio cat. It glided to strike the market the June, player of folder MP3 will be available in several capacities, of 128MB until 2GB. There is words in the appraisal, but no I still safe that you will not have to use your credit card to buy it (unless if you are going to buy it in line).

Enjoy Romantic Dinner With Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player

Samsung and a restaurant in centric Seoul finishes making a society shining that could in time be perfect of Valentine. The restaurant lets to clients request its food, along with its song of the favorite. The then waiter will bring his food along with a player of Samsung YP-K5 MP3 in a box with style, playing the requested song. Romantic pretty, is not? One takes advantage of the digital music of the audio player who shares capacities, so basically, as soon as the games YP-K5 that the song stored in the servant. The question is, the restaurant will also prepare an earpiece for the pairs? He would not be pleasant to be in a quarter with each to play of the table that has supper diverse songs…